Pyrex National Baking Week

Homemade Family Time
16th - 22nd
October 2017

Nielsen-Massey Rose Water Macaroons with White Chocolate Ganache

Cooking time: 
10-15 minutes
Preparation time: 
15-30 minutes
  • 180g Ground almonds
  • 175g Billington’s Golden Icing Sugar
  • 4 Egg whites
  • ½ tsp Nielsen-Massey Rose Water 
  • 3 Drops of pink food colouring
  • 150g Billington’s Golden Caster Sugar


  • 300g Quality white chocolate
  • 150g Double cream

- Small saucepan - Baking sheets - Baking parchment

  • Mix the ground almonds in a food processor for 30 seconds and then sift to ensure they’re as fine as possible.
  • Sift the golden icing sugar into the ground almonds.
  • Measure 60g of egg whites and stir in to the almonds and icing sugar along with the rose water and colouring to make a thick paste.
  • Measure another 60g of egg whites into the bowl of your electric mixer and place to one side.
  • Place 50ml of water and the golden caster sugar into a small saucepan and heat. Bring to the boil and cook until the temperature reaches 118C.
  • Remove from the heat and place the pan a bowl of cool water.
  • Whisk your egg whites into soft peaks, gradually add the cooled syrup and fold lightly.
  • Whisk on high until the mixture has thickened and stands in firm peaks. Fold the mixture into the ground almonds.
  • Heat oven to 170C/gas mark 3.
  • Line three baking sheets with baking parchment and pipe your mixture in rounds roughly the size of a 10p piece.
  • Leave for 30 minutes at room temperature before baking.
  • Bake for 10 minutes then cover with baking parchment and bake for a further 4-5- minutes. Cool on a wire rack.
  • Place the cream and white chocolate in a small pan and heat until melted and smooth.
  • Leave to cool, then use filling to sandwich your macaroons together.